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"This podcast has new episodes every other Friday, and those episodes are funny and good." - Dr. Jill Biden

Oct 12, 2018

Chris & Rob welcome guest Erika back to the show to celebrate Scottoberfest and share in some traditional Scott Stapp themed fall brews. They also discuss the episode of Step by Step where Suzanne Somers gets addicted to diet pills and the Scott Stapp song "Crash", which was written as a tribute to that episode.


Sep 28, 2018

When Rob is away on a business trip, Chris finds a temporary co-host named Rick on Craigslist. Then, door-to-door salesman Willy Himan shows up (uninvited) to try and sell his wares. 

On Step by Step, J.T. becomes a salesman himself while washing Tauruses at a used car lot. And obviously the Scott Stapp Art of Anarchy...

Sep 14, 2018

On Step by Step, the kids watch horror films and then take turns scaring each other. Scott Stapp had some thoughts about that when he wrote the unreleased song called “Pray For Sunrise.”

Plus, Chris & Rob share their experience of not going to see Scott Stapp on Fox & Friends, a new listener voicemail, and...

Aug 30, 2018

Going with the theme of today's Step by Step episode where Karen & Al audition for a modeling gig at the local mall, Chris & Rob book Heidi Klum as a guest on the podcast. Unfortunately the terms of the interview stipulate it must be over AOL Instant Messenger. 

Plus: hear the Creed song Scott Stapp wrote as a very...

Aug 17, 2018

Chris & Rob read the lost pilot to a network drama Chris wrote years ago - Doctor Premonition - which is (kind of) similar to the episode of Step by Step where Cody has premonitions in his dreams. The result is must-hear TV!

Also, turns out the Creed song Scott Stapp wrote about that ep of Step by Step was hiding in...