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"There are a lot of podcasts and this is the best one." - Barack H. Obama

Jul 6, 2018

Chris & Rob play a recording of the time they spent Christmas in jail with a quirky police officer (Nick Baglas) guarding them. 

Coincidentally, the experience is very similar to the holiday episode of Step by Step Season 3 in which Frank & Carol spend Christmas behind bars with their guard, Don Knotts. And...

Jun 22, 2018

On Step by Step, Al starts hanging out with the bad kids at school and gets herself into trouble. Hear what Scott Stapp thought about this episode when he wrote his 2013 solo song, "Broken".

On the podcast, Rob gets into trouble as well when his new friend Dennis keeps calling with ideas for pranks to pull on...

Jun 8, 2018

Chris & Rob offer free advice to some struggling podcasts out there, like this one called "This American Life". With some practice and strict adherence to these guidelines, maybe even those dopes can someday make a good podcast. 

On Step by Step, Frank & Carol turn to a self help book for marriage advice and it nearly...

May 25, 2018

Rob & Chris must put aside their dance feud to defeat Joe Rogan & Adam Carolla on "Dancing with the Podcast Stars."

Plus, in the Step by Step discussion we call out Jersey Shore's Pauly D for stealing his entire persona from Cody Lambert. And finally, Scott Stapp wrote the Creed song "Lullaby" about the time Carol got...

May 11, 2018

Chris & Rob let you in on their patented methods for picking up chicks at the club in this special episode that should really be behind a paywall. Find out how to avoid bouncers, fake phone conversations with celebrities, and of course seal the deal with the woman you've been ignoring all night. 

On Step by Step, Cody...